USA Calling Card offers the best deals on prepaid calling cards for domestic and international calls from USA and other countrys.

    Why we?
  • USA Calling card is cheaper than most other calling cards.
  • USA Calling card is specially designed for use in the usa.
  • Our usa international calling card is an excellent business travelers value that has been recognized nationwide.

Order our cheap calling card now and start using it immediately! You get your PIN number via E-Mail right after processing your order.


Our calling cards:

Mozart calling card

Mozart calling card >>

Mozart calling card is a Permanent PIN card with Refill feature and PIN Free Access option. No Connection/No Maintenance Fees. Toll Free Access number is accessible from the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto-Rico, and from Canada as well. Low long distance rates to most European countries with high quality connection. Enjoy Mozart calling card and use its great benefits!

StarCall calling card

StarCall calling card >>

StarCall calling card provides competitive calling rates and High Quality connection! The card can be used to call all over the world, providing the lowest long distance rates for multiple destinations!

Express calling card

Express calling card >>

Express calling card is a Permanent PIN card with PIN Free Access option and No Expiration Date! This calling card is Refillable, You may recharge it at any time! No Connection/No Maintenance Fees. Low long distance rates to many countries and high quality of connection.

Bizon calling card

Bizon calling card >>

Bizon calling card is a permanent PIN card with refill feature and PIN free access option. No Connection/No maintenance fees. The card offers very low calling rates to many countries all over the world. Enjoy high quality connection and low rates with Bizon calling card.


We have a wide range of calling cards.

See here all types our calling cards.

Get instant access to dialing instructions over the Web for your calling cards. All it takes is a few moments to register. Look around, compare rates, and register for a cheap calling card. It's easy! You can be saving money on your long-distance calling in minutes with your phone calling card.

To determine which card is right for you, select the country you will be calling from and the destination to which you will be calling. Connection fee cards usually offer lower rates, but charge you a connection fee every time you call. These cards offer more minutes and are better for longer conversations. Choosing a no connection fee card is usually a better choice for shorter, more frequent phone calls to a certain destination.

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Our calling rates:

Call from USA to:
Country Rates,¢/min  
USA1.00 Buy calling cards
USA - Alaska1.50 Buy calling cards
USA - Hawaii1.00 Buy calling cards
Canada1.00 Buy calling cards
Italy1.00 Buy calling cards
India1.20 Buy calling cards
China2.20 Buy calling cards
Mexico1.00 Buy calling cards
Germany1.00 Buy calling cards
France1.40 Buy calling cards
Iraq13.40 Buy calling cards
Japan1.40 Buy calling cards
Poland1.00 Buy calling cards
Saudi Arabia8.30 Buy calling cards
Russia - Moscow2.20 Buy calling cards
Ukraine - Kiev17.45 Buy calling cards
Azerbaijan18.60 Buy calling cards
Korea South - CELL1.10 Buy calling cards
Mexico - CELL1.00 Buy calling cards

Our international calling card offer the lowest rates for calling to many countries which provide more minutes than ever before with no/or low connection fees.

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